Gems of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is one of the world’s most essential assets of precious gem stones, and its gemstones have lengthy been well-known – certainly one of the island’s early names become Ratnadipa, “Island of gems”. according to legend, it became a Sri Lankan ruby which became given via King Solomon to the Queen of Sheba, while Marco Polo described a splendid ruby – “approximately a palm in duration and of the thickness of a man’s arm” – set within the spire of the Ruvenveliseya dagoba at Anuradhapura. The island also provided the “Blue Belle” sapphire which now ornaments the crown of the British queen, whilst in 2003 a 478-carat Sri Lankan sapphire – large than a fowl’s egg – fetched $1.5m at public sale.
gemstones are genuinely located in lots of parts of Sri Lanka, but the Ratnapura district is the island’s richest supply. The starting place of those gem stones is the geological rubble eroded from the crucial highlands, which is washed down from the hills along the valleys which crisscross the location – a gravelly aggregate of eroded rock, mineral deposits, valuable stones and muddy alluvial deposits known as illam. Gem mining continues to be a low-tech, labour-extensive affair. Pits are dug down into riverbeds and among paddy fields, and mounds of illam are fished out, which are then washed and sieved by specialists who separate the treasured stones from the mud. The mining and sorting is historically carried out with the aid of the Sinhalese, even though gem cutters and dealers have a tendency to be Muslim.
varieties of gem

The most valuable treasured stones discovered in Sri Lanka are corundums, a mineral own family which incorporates sapphires and rubies. Sapphires variety in color from blue to as clean as a diamond. Sri Lankan rubies are “crimson rubies” (also referred to as crimson sapphires); the better-recognized crimson rubies aren’t located inside the island. Garnets, popularly called the “negative guy’s ruby”, and ranging in color from pink to brown, also are found. Cat’s eyes (green to brown) and alexandrite (whose color adjustments below unique mild) are the pleasant recognized of the chrysoberyl group of stones. Tourmalines are from time to time befell because the far extra treasured cat’s eyes. other commonplace stones, discovered in various colours, are quartz, spinel and zircon. The greyish moonstone (a kind of feldspar) is a selected Sri Lankan speciality, although those aren’t mined within the Ratnapura area. Diamonds and emeralds aren’t discovered in Sri Lanka, although aquamarine (like emerald, a member of the beryl family) is.