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February 6
Gem Stones of Sri Lanka
From time immemorial Sri Lanka has had a glowing reputation for surprisingly treasured gem stones. You can find the best online gem in our website. Nature in her bounty has selected the bosom of Sri L Read More
Gems of Sri Lanka
February 5, 2017 Uncategorized
Sri Lanka is one of the world’s most essential assets of precious gem stones, and its gemstones have lengthy been well-known – certainly one of the island’s early names become Ratnadipa, “Isla Read More
Island of Gems
January 27, 2017 Gems
“The island produces rubies more beautiful & valuable than we found in any other part of the world, & likewise sapphires, topazes, amethysts, garnets & many other precious stones. T Read More
Gem stones Buyer’s Guide
The beauty, rarity and historical mystique of gems are timeless. Their richly diverse varieties and colors come in a kaleidoscopic array that puts Diamonds to shame. However, before you make a pur Read More