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Lanka Gem Business based in Sri Lanka is devoted to the event of the Gem and jewellery business worldwide, by providing credible data on all aspects of the trade, that encompasses many scientific disciplines like earth science, geology and gemology, alternative economic activities related to the business, like prospecting and mining, planning and producing, selling etc. The historical aspects of the trade also are restricted intimately, parturition explicit stress on the diamond and stone business. land was the hub of the international gem and jewellery trade, since earlier period, geological dating back to the time of King Solomon, who is reported to possess sent his sailors to the island nation, to get supplies of gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and pearls and additionally alternative valuable product like ivory. associate degree informative article on the History of the stone interchange land from past is enclosed, besides many alternative fascinating and informative articles relevant to the gem and jewellery business of land. the govt of Sri Lanka has got wind of the National Gem and jewelry Authority, whose main objective is to produce the necessary incentives to the business, so as to stimulate all its sectors, and therefore regain the distinguishedposition the country once command because the hub of the international gem and jewellery trade.